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We are more than delighted to announce that KALMUN is opening its doors to the enthusiastic and valuable members of the Model UN society. Make sure to mark your calendars for the seventh annual session of KALMUN, taking place between June 17th and 20th. Hosting more than hundreds of delegates all around Turkey and the world, our aspiration of supporting high school students to develop their public speaking skills and their knowledge on world politics remains as our biggest motivation on organizing this very event. 

KALMUN 2019 offers 4 General Assembly Committees and 5 Specialized Agencies, as well as the International Court of Justice! This year, KALMUN pushes its limits by adding another language to the conference, French, for the first time in KALMUN history; with the hope of pursuing a better sense of the United Nations and globalization.

Our Early Application Deadline: November 1st, until then you can apply as a student officer and direct a committee; as a press member to show off your photography skills, or as a delegate and enjoy the interesting agenda items of KALMUN 2019! 

Apply now via: kalmun.org


Utku Eren Eroğlu
Deputy Secretary-General


General Assembly: First Committee / Disarmament and International Security Committee

Establishing transparency in nuclear armament whilst encouraging the reduction of military expenditures Ensuring maritime security with a special focus on Somalia Measures to improve airport security while combating racial discrimination

General Assembly: Third Committee / Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Commitee

Measures to prevent exploitation of refugees by violent non-state actors Promoting women’s access to healthcare with a special emphasis on MENA region Ensuring the freedom of media and journalists’ rights whilst eliminating state-sponsored censorship

General Assembly: Fourth Committee / Special Political and Decolonization Committee

The question of the Sunni-Shi’a tension in the Middle East Eradicating the political unrest in the Chinese autonomous region Xinjiang Promoting the political representation of minorities in government bodies

General Assembly: Sixth Committee / Legal Committee

Promoting the political representation of minorities in government bodies Preventing the misuse of diplomatic immunity by UN officials and diplomats Creating a legal framework to eradicate modern slavery

East Asia Summit

Rohingya Crisis Enhancing economic cooperation and trade relations between Member States with a special focus on SDG 17

Security Council

The question of frozen conflict states with a special focus on South Ossetia Tackling the Ambazonia conflict in Cameroon

Advisory Panel

Combating against narco-terrorism and drug trafficking in South America Eliminating political corruption with a special emphasis on the recent bribery actions in Brazil

Historical North Atlantic Treaty Organization of 1961

Cuban Missile Crisis Berlin Crisis

Organisation internationale de la Francophonie

Elimination du racisme, de la discrimination raciale, de la xénophobie

International Court of Justice

Nottebohm Case (Liechtenstein v. Guatemala)