JMUN 2016

Jakarta Model United Nations

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Towards Sustainable Future: Eradicating Inequality and Securing Global Threats

Jakarta Model United Nations (JMUN) is the biggest International Model United Nations (MUN) in Indonesia which first-ever held in the capital city of Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta, by ISAFIS (Indonesian Students Association for International Studies) in 2011. Jakarta Model United Nations 2016 sets its sight on raising the awareness that the international issues and challenges are no longer characterized solely by the military and the traditional security issues, but also those that pose threats to our effort in achieving better civilization. These challenges vary from food security, and poverty to transnational crime, and climate change.

Registration Fee: National Single Delegate: IDR 750.000 National Delegation : IDR 700.000 National Faculty Advisor/Observer : IDR 450.000

International Single Delegate: $95.00 International Single Delegation: $90.00 International Faculty Advisor/Observer: $65.00

Delegation : Small Delegation : Consist of 4-6 individual Big Delegation : Consist of 7-12 individual


Malikah Ambarani
Secretary General

Hafizh Widyantoro
Under Secretary General for Delegate Relations

Nina Aliya
Delegate Relations Team

Dizar Ramadhan
Delegate Relations Team

Ardy Nugraha
Head of Administration

Neta Cynara Anggina
Under Secretary General for Business and Partnership

Zolanski-Genta Mansyur
Under Secretary General for Marketing and Communication

Yasmin Larasati
Delegate Relations Team

Amanda Besar
Under Secretary General for Substance

Zain Azzaino
Head of Crisis Division

Sylvania Jeshuani
Head of Finance


Press Committee

Antoni Aliarto Setiadji

High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

Topic 1 : National Economic Policies for the Post 2015 Agenda: Sustainable Development Goals, from a Vision to Action

World Health Organization

Topic 1 : The Rise of Zika Virus Topic 2 : World Water Crisis

Andrew Ebeneizer Timanta

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Topic 1 : The Impact of Climate Change on Vulnerable Nations

Mayang Krisnawardhani
Nilam Laksitarasmi

Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee

Topic 1 : Eliminating Violence towards Indigenous People Topic 2 : Protecting Right to Development Amidst Humanitarian Crises

Made Deninta Ayu Dhamayanti
Glady Fabiola

Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly

Topic 1 : Combating Drug Trafficking and Its Impact On The World

Shunta Takino
Girindra Chaska Wardana Nimpuno