JLMUN 2019

JLMUN - IMUNA International Conference

  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Apr 14 - Apr 18, 2019
  • 100 Delegates
  • €59.00 Fee
  • Delegate Applications
    01 Nov 2018 - 29 Mar 2019
  • Observer Applications
    01 Nov 2018 - 29 Mar 2019
  • Delegation Applications
    01 Nov 2018 - 29 Mar 2019

For five years, the Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA) has been hosting international MUN conferences in Israel, which excel through their professionalism, impeccable organisation and unforgettable social events.

This year, the IMUNA international conference will be hosted by the Hebrew University Model United Nations society (HujiMUN) in the historic city of Jerusalem! 

JLMUN 2019 will be leveraging Jerusalem's unique location in the heart of the Middle East as well as its rich history and cultural diversity to offer delegates a one-of-a-kind conference experience!

The theme for JLMUN 2019 is “Diversity: The Cornerstone of our Global Community”  

Diversity encompasses the idea that multitudes of cultures, faiths, languages and ethnicities may coexist and prosper; that different and competing ideologies can nonetheless engage in peace and without the need to resort to violence; that in our diversity, lies our strength. Diversity is the cornerstone of global peace, without which it is difficult to imagine the manifestation of the latter. While this ideal of diversity may be thought of as utopian by many, we must always fix our gaze upon it, and constantly strive to achieve it. It is only with the ideal of diversity at our core that we may one day usher in the era of international harmony and World Peace.


3.93 out of 5

Other Editions

2018 3.93


Ayob Farah
USG of Academics

Natalie Raidl
Secretary General

Ari Karp
Deputy Secretary General

Priscille Duflos
USG of Human Resources

Malte Christoph Westphal
Academic Advisor

Saskia Millmann
USG of Academics

Country Matrix
Security Council
Security Council


  • Cybersecurity and cybercrimes, with a focus on a potential establishment of the UN cybersecurity council.
  • Agreeing upon an international definition of terrorism.
Blink Muttaneeya Ujjin
Ethan Sheinker
Ranjana Ravi


  • The future of NATO: Exploration of membership criteria, potential enlargement and restructuring.
  • Countering Russian aggression in Eastern Europe and strengthening the Black Sea region.
David Schiff
Abhiraj Goswami
Dimitra Psychari
United Nations General Assembly - Sixth Committee (Legal)
United Nations General Assembly - Sixth Committee (Legal)


  • Criminal accountability of UN personnel and experts on mission.
  • Immunity of heads of state and other state officials.
Réka Varga
Ulrica Lowndes Marques
Lukas Reichl


  • Reconciling cultural traditions with the need to educate girls and women.
  • How emerging technologies can be utilised in order to accomplish sustainable development goals.
Jakob Flemming
Katharina Krueger
Henry Johnston-Ellis
European Council
Press Corps
Press Corps
Ori Livneh
Rahel Schwarz
Joint Cabinet Crisis - Cabinet B
Joint Cabinet Crisis - Cabinet B
Yadin Arnon
Binyamin Voskoboynik
Samuel Körner
Joint Cabinet Crisis - Cabinet A
Joint Cabinet Crisis - Cabinet A
Emily Warren
Thomas Ron
Joselyn Nicole Franco Ocana

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