IVMUN 2018

International Vietnam Model United Nations

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"Change the world, one resolution at a time."

In Vietnam, global awareness among the youth has been continually increasing and thus, Model United Nations, though not present for quite a long time, has been widely accepted and celebrated. With a view to bringing Vietnamese students, especially high-schoolers, a professional and enthusiastic atmosphere for discussing global issues, IVMUN, or International Vietnam Model United Nations Conference, is created with goodwill and camaraderie. IVMUN, with unceasingly enhanced scale and professionalism, is specially designed for high-school students. The best thing about MUN is its flexibility and variety and the experiences within. Do not bear the excruciating perception of MUN as a rigid conference with rules and procedures. Instead, think of MUN as an event for networking and sharpening personal skills such as debating, leadership and critical thinking. And also, MUN changes overtime, which means that it never has a particular form: Every MUN experience is different and unique. With that in mind, IVMUN promises to yield the best and the most unforgettable experience for all participants, the MUN experience that has never before seen.



Security Council

The South Sudanese Civil War

World Health Program

Regulations in the development of Nanotechnology Revision of regulations in prescription drugs abuse

Food and Agriculture Organization

Promoting Safe and Sustainable Pest Control Mechanism Addressing the Issue of Man-made Famines

Joint Fantasy Crisis Council: Death Eaters Cabinet

Joint Fantasy Crisis Council: Order of the Phoenix

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (Third General Assembly)

Reducing Corruption and Misuse in Humanitarian Aid Addressing the Asylum situation for LGBTQ People Fleeing Persecution

Economic and Finance Committee (Second General Assembly)

Preventing Monopoly on Food Production, Trade and Retail Regulations regarding the International Rise of Cryptocurrency

Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Establishing a common regulatory framework of Pharmaceutical Trade Establishing a political and humanitarian solution to the Rohingya crisis