International School Of Hellerups Model United Nation Conference

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International School of Hellerup Model United Nations Conference 2021

Dear Model UN delegations,

We are pleased to introduce you to the International School of Hellerup's (ISH) first-ever Model United Nations conference, planned for the 27th-29th of May 2021. The focus of our conference is human rights and we plan for delegates to participate in a wide range of community service events before the conference. This conference will be held by the upper school Model United Nation students, who are determined to make the first ISHMUN a memorable experience for participating delegates. 

We acknowledge the Covid-19 global pandemic and we plan with likely restrictions in mind. Our main priority is the health and safety of our community and guests and we follow the rules and recommendations from the Danish Health Authorities closely in order to ensure the safety of our students and delegates. This is why our conference will take place online through a platform called airmeet. Although our first conference takes place during this pandemic, nonetheless, we aim to move forward to start an intercultural exchange with other international and local learning institutes.

International School of Hellerup is a unique school and we are really proud to be a part of it. As students of ISH, we have developed a great appreciation for diversity and intercultural understanding, as well as unique understandings of human rights as we come from so many different nationalities and experiences. Our vision is to foster a nurturing and respectful environment where all individuals become reflective and active members of society. As an international school, we are committed to these principles and strive to empower our school community to undertake authentic and meaningful action that supports personal, local, and global issues. Similar to all MUN conferences where students can develop their understanding of contemporary world issues by addressing them as diplomats, our MUN conference will provide the ideal combination of a library of knowledge and a platform to deliberate and understand these complex issues.

We hope to see your  delegation at the first-ever ISHMUN conference this upcoming spring.



United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Committee (UNHCR)

Refugees and the impact of COVID-19 Protecting the rights of refugee women

The United Nations General Assembly Third Committee (GA3)

Abolishing the death penalty Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism, and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance

Legal Committee

The prevention of cyber-terrorism Legality and Ethics of Genetic Engineering

UN Commission on the Status of Women

Promoting the Political Participation of Women Female Infanticide in Developing Nations

Security Council

Addressing the situation in Yemen Discussing the violation against Uyghurs inmates in the Chinese “Re-education” camps

The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Responses to human trafficking and Other Related Offences Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners

Human Rights Council

Freedom of religion or belief The situation of human rights in Eritrea

World Health Organization

Infectious Disease in Urban Settings Universal health coverage: Uniting in aims to create a healthier world