Institut Notre-Dame Model United Nations

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INDMUN 2019 will host 250 delegates in Saint-Germain-en-Laye on April 6, 2019



Security Council (English Committee)

The question I ca balancing the sovereign rights of nations in the Arctic while maintaining global environmental security in Ann era of climate change The question of lreotecying the human rights of minorities in Syria, in line with the UN declaration on the Rights of Personal Belongings to National or Ethnic, Religious and linguistic minorities, proclaimed by the General Assembly in 1992

Environmental Committees (English committee)

Limiting deforestation to protect biodiversity Diversifying energy resources in order to ensure clean, affordable and sustainable energy for all

ECOSOC (English committee)

Promoting the integration of diversity in the workplace Integrating migrants/refugees into their adopted countries

Human Rights (English committee)

Protecting the rights of children with disabilities Working together to implement Sustainable Development Goal#2: Ending Hunger and making the Right to Food a Universal Right, in Africa

Security Council (French Committee)

Human Rights (French commitee)