IMUNA @ IDC 2018

IMUNA International Conference

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Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow, Today.

The Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA) is proud to announe that the Fourth Edition of the International IMUNA Conference will be hosted at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, home to the award winning IDC Model UN Society. IMUNA is committed to bolster negotiation, discussion and debate. We are also delighted to be able to offer discounted accommodation, as well as free travel from the accommodation to the conference (email us for more details). We proudly present "The IMUNA International Conference 2018".

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!


Abeer Shehadeh
USG of Human Resources

Keren Guttman
USG of Logistics and Personnel

Maya Sherman
USG of Outreach and Sponsor Relations

Reem Dally
Academic Advisor

Anastasia Demydenko
Finance Team

Timothy Nikitin Sheen
Secretary General

נתנאל קליינמן
USG of Academics


Security Council (Intermediate)

1) Responses to North Korean missile tests and nuclear activity & 2) Ensuring security in African conflict zones

Eilat Aviv
Dongsinne Sohn
Tamir Feinstein
Renata Villafuerte

Historical Crisis (Special)

The French Revolution

noa kesar
Abdul Mustafazade
Michael Goldstein
Batsheva Haber
Yan Bihdriker
Ignacio Garcia
Laure Sigalla

EU Council (Advanced)

1) Eastern Neighbourhood Policy & 2) Freedom of movement within the E.U

Dean Bitton
Gijs Verhagen
Isidora Stanić

Arab League (Intermediate)

1) Yemen Civil War - the role of the Arab League in conflict areas & 2) Role and Promotion of women within Arab League member states

Antonio Garcia Gonzalez
Nicole Bery Liberman
Anastasia Demydenko

DISEC (Beginners)

1) The role of the UN in giving military aid and assistance in war-torn areas & 2) Combating cyberterrorism and cybercrime

Achiad Karsenty
Stephanie A-K. Schmitz