IMUN 2017

Indonesia Model United Nations

  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • None
  • Nov 09 - Nov 13, 2017
  • 300 Delegates
  • $80.00 Fee
  • Delegate Applications
    15 Jun 2017 - 05 Nov 2017
  • Chair Applications
    22 Jun 2017 - 05 Jul 2017
  • Observer Applications
    15 Jun 2017 - 02 Nov 2017
  • Delegation Applications
    15 Jun 2017 - 05 Nov 2017

Developing Justice, Elevating Peace

Indonesia Model United Nations (IMUN) is known to be the premier Model United Nations in Indonesia, organized by Universitas Indonesia for the 8th time in 2017. Our theme is "Pioneering Inclusivity Towards Sustainability" in order to fulfill Goal 17 of the SDGs to revitalize the global partnership. We are proud to have involved real stakeholders such as UN Agencies, Indonesian Governmental Agencies, Youth-Led Organizations, and NGOs. This year we will have various side side events that will make this conference both beneficial and unforgettable such as "Diplomatic Dinner", "I Care Campaign", "Networking Night", "BeyondMUN", and "Expert Workshop". We are also pleased to announced that we will have an UN4MUN Committee (UN Real Procedure endorsed by UNDPI) for the first time in Southeast Asia. National Delegate Registration Fee :

  1. Late Registration

(1 October - 31 October) IDR 900.000,

  1. Observer/ Faculty Advisor IDR 450.000.

International Delegate Registration Fee :

  1. Regular Registration (23 July - 31 October) US $ 80,

  2. Observer/ Faculty Advisor US $ 50.

National Delegation Registration Fee :

  1. Late Registration (1 October - 31 October)

Rp. 850.000,00

International Delegation Registration Fee :

  1. Regular (23 July - 31 October) $76

Small Delegation : 4-6 Persons,

Big Delegation : Minimum 7 Persons.

Double Delegation is ONLY available for UNSC

and ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF). We are not opening chairs application for Indonesia Model UN 2017


3.99 out of 5

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Edgina Callista Lunadi
Vice Under Secretary General of Marketing

Rahma Atika Idrus
Head of Registration

Revia Adini
Registration Team

Mikan Tristan
Registration Team

Annisafira Lintang Lestari
Registration Team

Satwika Parama Nandini
Registration Team

Marvelin Selena
Under Secretary General of Marketing

Natasia Winoto
Under Secretary General of Administration

Lenny Septiani Putri
Head of Administration

Gessica Freshana
Under Secretary General of Finance

Made Deninta Ayu Dhamayanti
Under Secretary General of Substance

Albertus Hendra
Vice Head of Administration

Evita Martha Dewi
Under Secretary General of Substance

Kenneth Nicholas
Secretary General

Mareta Amanda
Registration Team

Country Matrix
United Nations Environment Programme
United Nations Environment Programme


  • Managing Harmful Substance and Hazardous Waste
Cut Farisa Machmud
Mendra Roberto
Mayang Krisnawardhani

United Nations Security Council
United Nations Security Council


  • The Role of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in Alleviation of the Aleppo Crisis
Adfikri Kevin Marvel

Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee
Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee


  • Institutional Discrimination in Prisons
Shinta Wulandari Basuki
Jonathan Kaleb
Christella Fenisianti

United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Development Programme


  • Managing Global Migration and Its Potential Benefits for Development in the Age of a Globalized Economy
Denny Adiputra
Nadifa Ramadhanty

ASEAN Regional Forum
ASEAN Regional Forum


  • Strengthening Regional Maritime Security Against Piracy and Other Threats to Security
Steven Sugiarto
adizsa nurulhuda

UN General Assembly (UN4MUN Procedure)
UN General Assembly (UN4MUN Procedure)


  • Improving The Coordination of Efforts Against Trafficking in Persons
Omar Soemadipradja

UN Correspondents Association (Press Committee)
UN Correspondents Association (Press Committee)
Tara Mecca Luna

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