ImpactSummit 2020

Impact Summit Prague

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Shaping Future Leaders Through Sustainable Education

Impact Summit 2020 is the first and only simulation of a United Nations High Profile Meeting of its kind. It is designed for 300 prominent Youth Leaders who wish to engage in high profile discussions that relate to the UN agenda, in relation to the United Nations 2030 vision discussing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Impact Summit wants to make a platform for students to truly uncover their potential. During this Summit, students will represent themselves rather than an allocated country and will have to express their own opinion on controversial and crucial topics which torment nowadays world. The topic of third Impact Summit conference will be the 4th Sustainable Development Goal, Quality Education. 

The topic has been chosen because we believe in the power of education, especially through real-life examples and first-hand experience of established people. We place a huge emphasis on the quality of the workshops offered as a part of the conference as every workshop leader has their unique story that might help many students present in the audience to gain more confidence and feel more motivated to express themselves and work towards the fulfillment of their dreams. The reason behind the topic of the Sustainable Development Goals is to educate participants about the crucial issues tormenting modern society. We believe in the significance of the debate on such topic as it provides students with the deeper understanding of the issues, which leads to the inside view and possible revolutionary ideas for its solutions. 

Impact Summit will help students to realize that everybody can lead this world and become a true leader. The Summit is expected to have delegates from all over the world and is special in a way that there are no barriers to entry. We are open to high school, university students however also professionals in SDG fields such as representatives from foundations and NGOs. There might be borders in the world, but there are no borders between us, and let’s connect the world together.



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