HSMUN "Taking Measure to Restore Global Harmony" 2018

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"Taking Measure to Restore Global Harmony"

HSMUN 2018 will be held on the 28th-29th of November, bringing forth seven councils on current worldly issues under the theme of “Taking Measures to Restore Global Harmony.” We are welcoming back several returning councils, including the Historical Crisis Council and Press Corps, as well as introducing a brand new council!

Promoting unity through diversity, we are welcoming both local and international delegates! Participate in engaging discussions on global issues, uncover your potential, and play a role in returning balance to the world.

Registration will be closed by the 31st of October 2018, sign up now!

Single Delegates: $35 

Delegation (6-8 delegates): $30

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Raise your voice, raise diplomacy!


Khadiza Refry


Historical Crisis Council

Attack on Pearl Harbor: The Battle for Power Over Asia​ Taking a glance at the past, the world has faced countless tragedies as a direct result of adversity that have defined the outline of who we are, molding the global paradigm as a whole. Among the hardships that we have faced is World War II. Sparked by the influence of greed and pure lust for power, countless lives were needlessly lost, including the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor U.S Naval Station occurring at the peak of the war. This surprise military strike that sunk battleships, destroyed aircrafts, and took the lives of thousands, provoked the United States into taking action. As a delegate of the Historical Crisis Council, you will represent an important figure during the conflict. You are capable of putting an end to this tragedy before it even happens, or escalating it even further. New diplomatic relations can be built, heinous schemes can materialize, and old friends can become new enemies. Be wise and stay alive, or you will meet your demise. The course of history is in your hands with the power you uphold. Will Japan drag the United States through the murky waters of war or will it stop before it reaches the shore?

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Countering Maritime Crime in the High Seas Well out of the sight of land, hidden in the deep blue sea lies an unlikely haven for those who seek it, free from any nation’s grasp and jurisdiction, the perfect place for any crime. The criminal paradise known as the international waters, the high seas. Here crimes are in incognito—rarely reported, let alone prosecuted as the regulations are still vague, and their enforcement is questionable. Reported incidents range from illegal fishing, drug smuggling, human trafficking, to acts of terrorism, though there are still many that remain off the radar. For those that desire peace on both land and ocean, this is an unfortunate challenge. Many have tried to combat this predicament, and many have failed. You can be the unlikely hero that the oceans need. Your voice will be an imperative contribution for the future of high seas. Will the open ocean finally settle down? Or will crime triumph once more? That is for you to decide. Join us at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime!

The Disarmament and International Security Committee

The Role of Nuclear Technology in Maintaining Peace and Security Every new generation has one goal: maintaining peace. Nuclear energy is one of the leading factors of achieving said goal, as nuclear power plants are more eco-friendly due to the lack of hazardous emissions. Contrary to popular belief, nuclear energy can have a better environmental and financial impact to the world, compared to fossil fuel and other conventional energy sources. Now is a time when technology is at its peak. Some countries have initialized major nuclear power construction to exchange with fuel imports for internal electricity consumption. Other countries use nuclear power to produce high tech weaponry. It is of the greatest urgency that the international community unite to prevent global chaos. The importance of maintaining peace through nuclear technology is highly crucial, as nuclear technology has shown benefits in multiple fields, such as but not limited to finance, ecological, and social assistance. Bringing back the DISEC council to this year’s HSMUN, it is positive that delegates will have a remarkable experience. We would like to encourage those who have interest in nuclear technology to join in the Disarmament and International Security Council, so you can set change in the world.

United Nations Human Rights Council

Combatting Modern Slavery ​ For thousands of years, an innumerable amount of people have been captured, enslaved, and stripped of their rights. Although in the past hundred years countries have battled to abolish that practice, slavery has yet to meet its end. Modernized enslavement that incorporates new settings and technology has shone a light on an ancient ritual of suppression, adapting it to current conditions and making it more difficult to diminish. Modern slavery begins with a sense of ownership over other human beings, which leads to exploitation and gaining control of the lives of individuals, disregarding their opinions and rights. This act of subjugation is disguised in many forms, ranging from human trafficking to forced labor. This circle, that often entangles itself with crime, social norms, and economic boundaries, has captured more than forty million people worldwide. Its syndicate goes beyond the borders--incorporating government, families, and threatening once again the safety of each individual. With more and more victims born and dragged into slavery, we have an urgent calling. It is our duty to help free our enslaved brethren and abolish the slavery circle once and for all. Whatever choice you make, whether you choose to unite in fortitude or protect one of your own, the lives of countless people rest upon your verdict. The decision is yours to make. You have the power to make this world the world you want to live in. Join us in UNHRC, and give the people the freedom that they deserve.

United Nations Environment Programme

Preventing Illegal Hunting and Capture of Wildlife Despite being a global issue, the illegal capturing of wildlife has not yet caught the global attention that it needs. Since prehistoric times, animals and humans have lived in coexistence. With each living creature serving a purpose, the extinction of certain animals would cause a drastic change and imbalance in the ecosystem. Over the past two decades, the world has come to face a startling rise in illegal wildlife hunting that threatens to reverse the progress that has been made towards animal conservation. Currently, 4,734 species in the world are labeled critically endangered. Groups from around the world continue to illegally hunt wildlife for their body parts that serve a cultural or medicinal purpose. Because of the cultural role they serve in certain cultures, these animal parts can be sold for up to $50,000, making illegal hunting and capturing of wildlife a multi-billion dollar industry. The world has made protests, funds have been raised, and awareness has been spread. Now it’s time for diplomacy to take part. It is up to you to stand up and lead the people to save our spectacular wildlife. The stability and harmony of the world’s living beings is in your hands. Join us in the United Nations Environment Programme, and help end the suffering of animals around the world!

United Nations Special Summit

X-Men: Mutant Rights Imagine living in a world where possessing unusual traits gets you labeled as a monster. Mutants have for years endured bigotry against them for the sole reason of being different. Humans see themselves as inferior to mutants, hence they perceive mutants as a threat for earning their powers naturally. On the flip side however, there are still a handful of mutants who have not taken a conducive approach towards the issue, which has only sparked further altercations. Without any indication that a resolution would be reached, further actions need to be taken. We need your voice in order to reach an understanding that bridges the gap between mutants and humans. Professor Charles Xavier once said, “Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn't mean they are lost forever.” Now you have the power to connect the divergence between the two worlds. Will you become a beacon of hope for both races? Join us in the United Nations Special Summit: X-Men, where the fate of mutants rests upon your shoulders.

Press Corps

New happenings, breakthroughs, and acts of injustice occur every day in a rapidly advancing population. While some occurrences may be considered benign to most of humanity, others could prove to be detrimental, and the people of the world deserve to know about the changes that will more than likely affect their very lives. Many of these stem from decisions being made within the UN, making it all the more imperative that this information is delivered to the public as quickly and accurately as possible. If you would like to be one of the individuals ensuring said reports will make it to the public eye in an effective and ethical manner, then lend your journalistic skills to the Press Corps where you will gain access to ongoing discussions within other councils and be tasked with further driving the debate through the written word. Join us on our mission, and help us spread the voice of the world.