GVMUN 2020

Global Virtual Model United Nations

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Today's Distant Diplomats, Tomorrow's Unified Leaders

Global Virtual Model United Nations (GVMUN) was created with a specific aim to advance the first of its kind Model United Nations program geared towards promoting global education, partnership, and global citizenship through virtual platforms in these times of great uncertainties. The journey of our youth in becoming an engaged global citizen must not stop in the face of such adversities. Here at GVMUN, we have forged a virtual platform to conduct this Model UN conference, workshops, and panels with experienced staff from global institutions to provide you with the skills, knowledge, network, and the experience necessary to become this generation of youth leaders. Cultivating the youth leaders by training them on the Rules and Procedures of the UN, speechmaking, negotiations, partnerships, and ultimately creating engaged global youth leaders who are ready to tackle global challenges with global solutions.



World Health Assembly

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Committee (UNHCR)

1. Climate change and displacement 2. Countering toxic narratives about refugees and migrants 3. Economic inclusion of refugees 4. Access to education for refugees

United Nations Environment Assembly