GOMUN Prague 2019

Gymnazium Omska Model United Nations

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GOMUN (or Gymnazium Omska Model United Nations) is an educational event intended for high school students. It is a non-profitable conference led entirely by the students of Gymnazium Omska (a grammar school in Prague, where GOMUN is held). Just like any other MUN conference, GOMUN is a simulation of procedures within the actual United Nations.  In the roles of UN delegates, students can obtain and improve many useful skills.

Delegate and chair applications are to be opened on the 1st May, fees are set as follows: 

Delegete fee: 32€ (Early bird until 15th June)/ 36€ (Full price) 

Chair fee: 24€ 

Supervisor fee: 16€

For further information and applications, please visit our webpage: https://gomun.cz/ 

In order to stay updated, do not hesitate and follow our social sites: https://www.facebook.com/gomunconference / https://www.instagram.com/gomunconference/


Ondřej Maršák
Head of Tech

Ondřej Klásek
Main Organiser

Martin Dlouhý
President of the General Assembly

Filip Choděra
Secretary General

Václav Brdek
Head of finance


Security Council

Iran nuclear crisis

Human Rights Council

Human Rights Violations of Uyghurs in China Human rights violations in Palestine

Economic and Financial Committee

Strenghtening international trade relations and prevention of trade wars Responsible usage of resources located in the Arctic

Economic and Social Council

Rebuilding the Middle East Sustainable development in South East Asia

Disarmament and International Security Committee

Isis war criminals in Kurdish facilities Hypersonic weapons ban

Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Space Conflict Prevention Indian - Pakistani Border Tension

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Forced prostitution and child prostitution in East and Southeast Asia Eliminating Drug Production in the Golden Crescent and Golden Triangle