GOMUN online 2020

Gymnazium Omska Model United Nations Online

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GOMUN online (or Gymnazium Omska Model United Nations online) is an educational event intended for both high school and college students. It is a non-profitable conference led entirely by the students of Gymnazium Omska (a grammar school in Prague). Just like any other MUN conference, GOMUN is a simulation of procedures within the actual United Nations. In the roles of UN delegates, students can obtain and improve many useful skills.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, this year's edition of GOMUN is going to be unique - it will be held completely online via the Microsoft Teams platform.

Delegate applications are to be closed on the 26th of April, thus do not hesitate an apply, in order to secure the best spot in your favourite committee.

The organization team intends to make the conference as accessible as possible, therefore there is no fee - the event is for free!

For further information and applications, please visit our webpage: https://gomun.cz/ 

In order to stay updated, do not hesitate and follow our social sites: https://www.facebook.com/gomunconference / https://www.instagram.com/gomunconference/



Human Rights Council

Resolving the Issue of Human Rights Violations in Chechnya The Issue of Brutal Suppression of Hong Kong Protests

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

The Political Instability and Ongoing Warfare in Somalia The Issue of Drug Trafficking into Europe with regards to the participation of terrorist and separatist organisations in this activity

Economic and Financial Committee

Resolving the Oil Price War Between Russia and OPEC Member States Resolving the Issue of Enforceability of Interstate Debt Payments and the Impact of Such Enforcement on International Stability

Disarmament and International Security

Solution of the Western Sahara Conflict Creating guidelines for the enforcement of the Biological Weapons Convention (Threat of Potential Biological Weapons)

Special Political and Decolonisation Committee

Question of the Turkish - Syrian Border Conflict Resolving the Libyan Civil War

Historical Security Council

Suez Canal Crisis

Security Council

Fixing the Impact of COVID-19 on Global Economy

Economic and Social Council

Stabilisation of the Central African Republic Resolving the Global Economic and Social Impact of Ecological Measures Taken in Order to Prevent Catastrophic Global Warming and Climate Change