Global Youth MUN 2019

Global Youth Model United Nations

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Empowering Youth, Pursuing Global Peace

The Global Youth Model United Nations (GYMUN), also known as Global Youth MUN is a 4 days travelling International conference which is dedicated to empowering youth in pursuit of global peace. Following in the footsteps of UN, GYMUN ’19 aims to mobilize and bring together talented youth from around the globe under one roof, on discussion table because empowered youth is the key perfectly sized to unlock the gates leading to global peace. Youth are the agents, if equipped with the right ingredients, can sail the sinking ship to the shore. GYMUN aims to provide the medium to discuss pressing issues like illiteracy and gender inequality, entrepreneurial deficit, radicalization & violent extremism and threat to global security regime, eleventh hour crisis and conflicts etc

The agenda of GYMUN is to foster dialogue on building peace among the youth from around the world and exchange their ideas which in itself is one of the machinations to build peace. We at GYMUN believe in the notion that if the mind can conceive it, one can achieve it. The idea will not only reflect and permeate through all aspects of our conference, this experience is going to amplify the potential of our future leaders twofold






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