GLMUN 2021

Global Leaders Model United Nations

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Global Leaders in the Making!

The current state of the world has highlighted the importance of effective Global Diplomacy and  Intergovernmental  Leadership.  We strongly believe that simulations like Model  United Nations can build the much needed adaptive capacity in young people,  and help build a ‘Network of Change Makers’ who can not only tackle these global problems but work in an integrated way to avoid such situations from an occurrence. In this context, we are delighted to bring to you for the very first time the inaugural edition of “Global Leaders Model United Nations 2020 Online Edition” an initiative by CIRCEI Education Services.

Welcome to GLMUN 2020 Online!


Sahil Buch
Secretary General


United Nations General Assembly - SOCHUM

Countering toxic narratives about women and migrants

United Nations Security Council

Youth, Peace and Security

International Court of Justice

Maritime delimitation in the Indian Ocean

Commission on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)

Impact of corruption on human rights