GLMUN 2020

Gymnasium Lappersdorf Model United Nations

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Colliding Opposites

Welcome, Delegates!

The GLMUN Organizing Team is back for our second installment of the MUN conference at the Gymnasium Lappersdorf! Having seen the fun you guys had last time, we decided to redo, reiterate and remaster the conference.

Greeting you in Regensburg is an honour for us, a city where the youth is willing to get involved. Culture and internationality receive overwhelming support and modern minds and values fill life into the world heritage site.

We are proud to announce that the next GLMUN conference will be set in early 2020.

Please note that GLMUN 2020 is an highschool-level conference and we will therefore decline any applicants older than 21. Also, we are not able to issue any legal documents required for VISA applications from certain countries.


January 4th, 2020: Deadline for Delegate’s Fee

January 11th, 2020: Assignments Reveal, Upload of Study Guides and Handbook


Lukas Kapfenberger
Deputy Head of Public Relations

Veronika Achatz
Head of Press Team

Jonas Lohrenz
Head of Public Relations

Sophia Wäldele
Head of Socials

Jannik Steinwender
Secretary General

Alexander Bleicher
Head of Finances

Valentin Wagner
Secretary General

Markus Grasser
Deputy Head of Finances

Daniel Hartl
Head of Hospitality and Food


Security Council

Settling the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula Decrease tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran Ending the Civil conflict in Syria and Iraq

Human Rights Council

Combating hate speech against any religions group or atheists

Economic and Social Council

Combating poverty in the Caribbean, Central and South America

Disarmament and International Security Committee

Disarming and eliminating terrorist groups and so called “warlords” in sub saharan Africa

Economic and Financial Committee

Furthering economic growth in LEDCs

International Labor Organisation

Improving work safety and working conditions in the textile industry