GhentMUN 2020

Ghent Model United Nations

  • Gent, Belgium
  • Onderbergen 1
  • Apr 03 - Apr 05, 2020
  • 140 Delegates
  • Observer Applications
    28 Feb 2020 - 03 Apr 2020

Welcome to Ghent Model United Nations

GhentMUN is the MUN conference of Ghent, in cooperation with Ghent University (UGent), Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and the United Nations Youth Association of Ghent (UNYA Gent). We offer committees for beginners to expert level participants.

Chair applications are now closed

The team of chairs, as well as the topics of each committee, have been selected. We have gathered a team of experts in each field, therefore ensuring that the best candidate has been allocated to each committee. You can check who the chairs are below in this page.

Delegate applications are still open

Applications after March 22nd will not be taken into consideration.The result of the selection will be communicated to successful candidates. As participants, you are offered multiple choices on which country and committee you would like to represent. However, we cannot ensure that you will be chosen to represent such country, as this will depend on the assigning criteria of the Secretariat. We will base our assignment criteria on the previous delegate's experience, motivation letter and expected outcome of the MUN.

Delegates are expected to cover their participation fees, transport, and visa (if necessary to enter Schengen) costs and reservations. Anyhow, GhentMUN will be covering most meals during the event. We will also provide you with an invitation letter in order to get a visa as soon as the 25€ participation payment is made and a letter of enrollment has been sent to the GhentMUN e-mail: .

Corona virus update:

GhentMUN has communicated with the University of Ghent to see what the university's actions are. As of now we have received word that there is a very low risk of cancellation, because Belgium is a non-risk nation at the moment. The government has also said indoor events that host more than 1000 people in Brussels are the only ones that need to be cancelled. For this reason we are almost 100% sure that the conference will not be cancelled by neither the Belgian government, local government or the University of Ghent. However in the off chance the conference does get cancelled you will receive a refund of your participation fee. 

Official GhentMUN 2020 Schedule


4.32 out of 5

Top Rated MUN

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Country Matrix
WHO (Beginner)
WHO (Beginner)


  • Health Data Sharing
  • Mitigating the Health Impacts of Pollution
Human Right Council (Beginner)
Human Right Council (Beginner)


  • The hidden Chinese re-education camps in Xinjiang and the violation of human rights against ethical minorities
  • Dealing with the humanitarian situation of the Venezuelan migration crisis
UNESCO (Beginner)
UNESCO (Beginner)


  • Educational assurance: Compelling primary school and encouraging growth in secondary scholars
  • Protecting world heritage sites in conflict areas
European Council (Mediocre)
European Council (Mediocre)


  • European Union policy on Youth Empowerment
  • European Union strategy addressing Climate Change
Historical Security Council (Expert)
Historical Security Council (Expert)


  • Peace, Justice and strong institutions – The Kosovo Crisis in 1999
  • War-torn in Somalia - 2009

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