GEMUN 2018

Grenoble Ecole de Management Model United Nations

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GEMUN is the most prestigious Model United Nations of the French Alps. It is organised by GEMONU, the geopolitics association of Grenoble École de Management, a top Business Schools in France and Europe. In our simulation, you can choose to be part of 2 English-Speaking committees, a French-speaking committee, and a Game of Thrones themed English-Speaking committee. Furthermore, to enhance your MUN experience, we will complement the debate with unforgettable social events in the most amazing venues Grenoble has to offer. Here, refinement and elegance prevail.

The price includes: a dinner in a restaurant, a delicious buffet, coffee breaks during the negotiations, goodies... and much more

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!


Travers Angélique
Secretary General


Security Council

Addressing the Cuba crisis (1962)

League of Nations

Responding to Hitler's invasion in Poland in 1939

European Council

Création du CED (Communauté Européenne de Défense) en 2018 BREXIT

Game of Thrones Committee

Appoint the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms among the pretender to the throne