Gdańsk Model United Nations

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Post-pandemic World: Digitalisation is the Future

Welcome to the fourth annual edition of Gdańsk Model United Nations!

Gdańsk Model United Nations (GDNMUN) is a conference arranged by students of IB World School No. 1309, in collaboration with European Solidarity Centre (ECS). The event will be held from the 23rd till 25th of October 2020. It will take place in the City of Gdańsk, Republic of Poland, that is known for its great historical importance, as well as major contribution to the freedom of Poland. During GDNMUN not only students from high schools and universities will participate, but also middle schoolers are welcome to take on this challenge. More than 200 delegates from around the globe will arrive in Gdańsk, and represent states different from their native ones. The participants will try their hand at debating over exigent matters, that our world came to face - in several discrete committees.

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This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!


Pola Leśniewska
Secretary General

Mikołaj Majdan
Page King

Blanka Dymiter
Head of Marketing

Jakub Penkiewicz
Head of Finance

Maria Pawlak
Deputy Secretary General

Anna Sawicka
Head of IT Team

Franciszek Bohdziewicz
President of the General Assembly

Filip Kozak
Chair Coordinator

Adam Janukowicz
Head of Logistics

Natalia Brzozowska
Head of Communications


United Nations Environment Programme

Jakub Kuleta
Julia Kuśmirek

United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development

Julia Wróblewska
Hubert Perliński

Human Rights Council

Jakub Walczak
Mary Stabińska

International Court of Justice

Jakub Klawon
Michalina Loch

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

Mikołaj Borowiak
Aleksander Czura

Security Council

Marta Zalicka
Wiktor Jaszczuk

Economic and Social Council

Maurycy Gawlowski
Bartosz Skorek

Historical Security Council

Jędrek Staszak
Ignacy Łuka

World Health Organization

Igor Denz
Karol Strzeja