FloMUN 2020

Florence Model United Nations

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Internationally-minded, uniquely Florentine

FloMUN is organised by a small team of students from the International School of Florence that is putting into practice the school's vision of building "communities of creative makers and doers" by organizing the city's and school's first-ever interscholastic Model United Nations Conference. FloMUN, short for Florence Model United Nations, will bring together students from various schools in Florence, Italy, and Europe with the goal of discussing, debating, and writing resolutions to tackle the globe's most pressing social, political, and economic issues. In the spirit of a true "laboratory for learning", students will descend upon Florence's iconic Ospedale degli Innocenti to examine ideas that challenge their own and make connections between what their subject area studies and the world that awaits them outside the classroom.

To sign up for the conference go on the official website.



Security Council

The question of de-escalating the tensions between India and Pakistan Taking measures to end the ongoing war in Yemen

Human Rights Council

Taking measures to limit sexual assault in the workplace. The question of the censorship of social media in countries with authoritative governments.

Environmental Committee

Using sustainable measures to help the Arctic and Antarctic manage the effect of global warming Limiting the cause and creating measures to curb the destruction caused by extreme weather events caused by man-made climate change

Historical Committee

The question of how the land of the Antarctic should be divided (1959) The question of the immoral colonization and actions overseen by the king of Belgium in the Congo (1964)