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We are organizing a Model of the United Nations conference in Rotterdam. As the title indicates, it is a simulation of the UN where participants represent countries in committees which each discuss two topics. These committees and topics can be found on our website: , to apply please go to  

This conference will last from January 31 till 2 February 2020. Participants are coming multiple countries. In this conference, youth leaders will be practising their debating skills, negotiating and will have to go beyond their comfort. They will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Over the weekend around 150 participants from all over the world will get the chance to debate current issues and work towards solutions in beginner, intermediate, and advanced committees. After great days full of debate, Friday and Saturday evening you will get the chance to enjoy the beautiful city of Rotterdam with your fellow delegates at our two socials. 

As well we are taking part in the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency challenge, which is challenging Model United Nations delegates worldwide to debate the major issues related to forced displacement. The best resolutions will win awards and be shared with policymakers. The resolutions that emerge from these debates will be put before a jury composed of UNHCR members, young refugee leaders and independent experts. Awards will be announced in 2021. The best ideas will be shared with policymakers and be promoted on UNHCR’s social media channels, which are followed by millions of people.

Our campus, the Erasmus University College, will be hosting the main event.

During this conference, we will have many different speakers such as; the former Prime Minister Balkenende and a United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) representative will be at our conference on Friday.

While on Saturday we will have these guest speakers all for their committees, Dave Johnson from NATO, Lone Kjelgaard from NATO,  Alle Dorhout, Director Afrika from the ministry of foreign affairs of the Netherlands, Avo Sevag Garabet from the International Court of Justice other speakers who still have to be confirmed. 

Furthermore, we are also in collaboration with multiple hotels around Rotterdam to ensure the best price for our delegates, such as we even have discount codes for the different hotels. 

*Please be aware that we will only assign you to your selected country and committee once you have paid the fee. *

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This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!


Ambre Grenier-Boley
Under-Secretary-General of Logistics

Emily Johnson
Director General

Emma Leeuwenhoek

Gustave Mondron
Chief of Staff


Security Council

Combating global, regional, and national terrorist and other extremist groups The Question of State sponsored cyber terrorism and espionage

Tanya Karakyriakou
Namejs Rossman

Human Rights

Supporting the economic inclusion of refugees The human rights and fundamental freedoms of the people in Syria.

Risyad Natadiningrat
Shokhzodbek Djumaniyazov

General Assembly

The question of threats to national stability caused by religious intolerance The question of maintaining a non-weaponizing space

Vesna Frings
Nic Sarsfield-Hall Lorenzo

UNEP: Environment Program

Climate change and displacement Protection of the environment in armed conflicts

Tristan Bonafous
Mahtuf Ikhsan

International Court of Justice

Case; Marshall Island vs the Three Respondents

Maxymilian Omlo