DamMUN 2017

Amsterdam Model United Nations

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Model United Nations with a Dutch twist

DamMUN is a new conference based on a traditional Model United Nations structure… but with a fresh Dutch twist. Short for Amsterdam Model United Nations, DamMUN is influenced by our home city of Amsterdam; in that, we are youthful yet professional, progressive yet classic, and open yet critical. Apply now for three days of United Nations simulation and engaging with issues facing the world today. Join us for three days of hand-shaking, debating, and having a “dam” good time.”

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!


Merle Schulken
Finance Goddess

Sophia Tomany
Under Secretary General of Academics

Ruby Tang
Under Secretary General of Logistics

Max van der Breggen
General Director

Madeline Lawrence
Secretary General

Tanith Lee
Deputy Secretary General


European Council

The question of the creation of a European army The status of the EU visa reciprocity mechanism, especially concerning America

Malte Christoph Westphal

Historical Security Council

The Cuban Missile Crisis: the death of a superpower

Shehryar Sheikh
Daniel Page
Jakub Vokaty
Estelle Langinier
Geert de Vries

Human Rights Council

Ending slavery and child labor in the chocolate trade Tackling the marginalization and social exclusion of persons with Albinism

Sara (Sung-A) Lee
Rizqi Imaduddin


Combating the growing problem of obesity Developing measures to counteract overpopulation

Adèle Legouge
Avram Gantchev