CTMUN 2014

Central Texas Model United Nations

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Central Texas Model United Nations (CTMUN) welcomes over 400 college-bound high school students for an annual conference that provides them with a unique opportunity to experience the challenges of international negotiation. During this three day CTMUN event, participants role-play as ambassadors from United Nation member states, researching their country’s position on a host of global issues. Student “delegates” write position papers,negotiate with others, address committees through speeches and caucusing, and navigate the UN’s rules of procedure. The CTMUN conference fosters important skills in research, public speaking, and debate.



Special Conference on College Athletics

Crisis: Senate Commission on Energy (2017)

Crisis: Court of Peter the Great (1611)

Joint Crisis- Chinese Civil War: Communist Party of China (1935)

Joint Crisis- Chinese Civil War: Nationalist Party of China (1935)

Crisis: East India Trading Company (1756)

Disarmament and International Security (First) Committee

Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian (Third) Committee

African Union