CardiffMUN 2017

Cardiff University International Model United Nations Conference

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From Political to Humanitarian - Managing Modern Crises

It is an honour to welcome you to the third edition of Cardiff University International Model United Nations (CardiffMUN)! Each year, our themes have targeted pressing and divisive issues such as the peaceful coexistence of different cultures in an intertwined world and the sustainable development of our society and resources. This year our theme is "From Political to Humanitarian - Managing Modern Crises". As we have seen in recent months, crises are becoming more frequent and potent, raising issues and concerns that affect us all. It is time to change the way we approach them, to redefine leadership and to take the world forward with new ideas and solutions.

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!



Human Rights Council

A: Protecting the Rights of Women and Children in Times of Conflict and Political Turmoil B: Preventing and Mitigating Humanitarian Emergencies during Natural Disasters

UN High Commissioner for Refugees

A: Protecting the rights and treatment of asylum seekers travelling through transit states B: Addressing the cultural and socioeconomic re-integration of refugees


A: Making cities more resilient and sustainable through the implementation of the 11th SDG and Paris Agreement on Climate Change B: Organising and providing humanitarian aid in war-torn areas

Security Council

A: Disputed islands in the China sea B: The civil war in South Sudan


"Through Hell and High Water" Cabinets: British, Greek, French