CamMUN 2019

Cambridge Model United Nations

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A three-day conference: 'Combatting the rise of nationalism in an increasingly hostile world'

Welcome to CambridgeMUN 2019, 

We're so looking forward to hosting you all at our second annual conference in the beautiful city of Cambridge next year! This year's theme is 'Combatting the Rise of Nationalism in an increasingly hostile World'. 

We're excited to receive all your wonderful applications and we cannot wait for another great MUN event with you! 

(Age range is between 14 - 19 and still attending High School at the time of the conference. Intermediate English level required as a minimum.) 

(Please note that CamMUN is not affiliated with the University of Cambridge.)

For further information, visit

- The CamMUN 2019 Team 

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!



Political (Current Issues)

The question of stabilising the relationship between Israel and Palestine The question of sending extra troops to end UNAMID

United Nations Environment Program - UNEP

The question of reducing single use plastics The question of the use of animal cloning The question of sustainable energy production

Economic and Social - ECOSOC

The question of the gender pay gap The question of the provision of aid to developing countries The question of broadband provision in the developing world

United Nations Human Rights Committee - UNHRC

The question of the protection of the rights of ethnic minorities in South America The question of the promotion of women's rights in the developing world The question of ending the use of torture as a method of coercion

Disarmament and International Security - DISEC

The question of denuclearisation The question of the neutralisation and removal of IEDs in post-conflict zones The question of the limitation of defence spending

Historical - Yalta Conference

The question of free elections for eastern european countries The question of post-war Germany The question of the declaration of the United Nations

World Trade Organisation - WTO

The question of international trade blocks The question of ensuring worldwide fair competition in the agricultural sector​