CamMUN 2018

Cambridge Model United Nations

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A three-day conference: Hostility Towards Globalisation

This three-day high school-level conference is located in the heart of the historic and academically stimulating city of Cambridge, UK. The theme of this year’s discussions is "Hostility Towards Globalisation". (Age limits: 14 to 19 and still attending a high school at the time of the conference. Minimum intermediate English required. Due to unexpectedly high interest, this conference is now fully booked. However, look out for our next edition in 2019! Please note that CamMUN is not affiliated with the University of Cambridge.) To learn more, please visit We look forward to meeting you!

This is a Top Rated series of conferences - it has consistently been rated with 4 or more stars!


Nicole George
Public Relations

Robert Norris
President of the General Assembly

D'Arcy Seamon
USG Finance

Ludovica Fenici
Public Relations

Klara Spark
Secretary General

Ulrike Dr Walton-Jordan
Faculty Advisor

Aidan Grenville
Vice Secretary-General


Political (Current Issues)

The question of Sovereignty in the South China Sea The question of Demilitarising the Korean Penisula The question of Reforming the UN

Robert Norris
Vita Wilkinson (Student-6F)

Economic and Social - ECOSOC

The Question of State-Sponsored Corporate Espionage The Question of Gender Inequality in Industry and Politics The Question of Improving Transportation in the Developing World

Amelia Oberholzer (Student-SS)
Annabel Jenkinson

Disarmament and International Security - DISEC

The Question of Cyber Terrorism The Question of Cluster Munitions The Question of Radiological Dispersal Devices

Karen Cheung
Zoja Milovancevic
Benedict Russell

United Nations Environmental Programme - UNEP

The Question of Deforestation of Tropical Rainforests The Question of Overfishing The Question of Genetically Modified Organisms

Isabel Atkinson
Cassia Lemon

United Nations Human Rights Committee - UNHRC

The Question of the Freedom of Journalists The Question of Universal Access to Primary Health Care The Question of LGBTQ rights in the Developing World

Alya Howard
Samuel Lord
Nadja Viktoria Nitz

World Trade Organisation - WTO

The Question of Micro-financing in LEDCs The Question of Free Trade Agreeements in a Changing World The Question of Short-Term Aid in LEDCs

Serena Latham (Student-6F)
Katie Diss