BIMUN UNA-Serbia 2020

Belgrade International Model United Nations

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The United Nations Association of Serbia ( has been organizing the Belgrade International Model UN – BIMUN international conference, a simulation of the work of the UN bodies, since 2004.

What sets BIMUN apart is the high level of knowledge gained, modeling with firm rules of procedure based upon the real working procedures of UN bodies, as well as the very current issues that are covered. Emphasis is placed on the preparation period for participants and realistic simulation.

The project team consists of successful students, best participants from previous BIMUN conferences. During the several months-long preparation period, the team participates in all the aspects of planning and organizing a project. When the conference is finished, best participants work on BIMUN Plus – a research project. In that sense, BIMUN remains a whole-year activity, a process where a large number of successful young people participates, gaining new knowledge and experience, in a fun and interactive way, in accordance with contemporary educational principles.

Belgrade International Model United Nations – BIMUN 2020 (18 – 22 March 2020) is the 17th annual international youth conference and will be focused on the theme "The Future We Want, The UN We Need".



UNODC- The Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND)

Countering illicit drug production and trafficking

Human Rights Council

The protection and promotion of human rights in the context of peaceful protests

Economic And Social Council (ECOSOC)

Financing for sustainable development

Security Council Crisis Committee

Escalating violence on the Arabian Peninsula

Security Council

Climate crisis - a threat to international peace and security

Security Council Junior Committee

Prevention of an arms race in outer space

Security Council Crisis Junior Committee

Re-emerging conflict in Kashmir: Threat of nuclear war

General Assembley III Junior Committee

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on global society

Human Rights Junior Council

Preventing and eliminating child, early and forced marriage

United Nations Environmental Assembley- UNEA Junior

Youth climate action for environmental challenges and sustainability