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Bergama Model United Nations

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Bergama Doğa Schools Model United Nations

The Bergama Model United Nations Conference is a six-day conference which will be held for the first time from December 16th to 20th 2018 in Bergama Doğa College campus. We are expecting the arrival of hundreds high school student around the world to take the role of UN Ambassadors and debate about different political, economic, or social topicsBergama is a city in Aegean Turkey, known for its interesting archaeological ruins from the ancient Roman city of Pergamon such as The Asklepion, AkropolisThe Temple of Dionysos, Altar of Zeus, the old Tanery and other hundreds of Historical places, which gives the privilege to the city to be in the UNESCO WORLD HERİTAGE LİST. addition, the participants will be offered a variety of activities such as museum visits, , cosy dinners, a cultural trip to discover the wonders of Turkey, and an end-with a Turkish traditional gala dinner. Finally, the conference will also host brilliant, famous and inspiring speakers to share their experiences and life lessons.



ECOFIN - Economic and Financial Committee

Security Council

EC - Conseil Européen (European Council)

SOCHUM - Social, Cultural and Humanitarian

UN Women

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

UNHRC - United Nations Human Rights Coucil

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization

ECOSOC - Economic and Social Counsil