AproMUN 2022

Aprogen Model United Nations

  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Šafárikovo Námestie 6
  • Oct 28 - Oct 30, 2022
  • 90 Delegates
  • €35.00 Fee
  • Delegate Applications
    04 Jul 2022 - 01 Sep 2022
  • Chair Applications
    09 Jun 2022 - 09 Jul 2022

Facing the challenges of the new decade.

Aprogen Model United Nations is back for its fifth edition. Building upon the success of our previous editions, we are going bigger than last year. Through 3 days of intensive debate, we seek to deliver a unique and superior MUN experience.

Join us in the picturesque capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, and debate on whatever issue is closest to your heart. Committees range across ages and continents, from the late 19th century Central Asia, to the present tropical jungles of Central America.

We have learned from the experiences of organizing through the covid pandemic, where we managed to pull off an impeccable conference through many struggles. This year, as no restrictions are in place, we can fully express our ideas and fulfill our wildest visions.

The Conference is brought to you in cooperation with the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Comenius University,  and many other wonderful partners.

Please note that your position will be assigned to you only after successful payment


Dávid Dzama
School Coordinator

Lukas Libor Michna
Secretary General

Viktor Demčák
USG for IT

Oliver Machaj
USG for Finance

Viola Lackova
USG for Social Media

Dorota Suránová
Committee President

Michael Krištof
USG for Wellbeinng

Pavol Beblavý
USG for Partnerships and Logistics

Viktor Vaškanin
President of the General Assembly

Country Matrix
Historical Diplomatic Summit
Historical Diplomatic Summit


  • The Great Game: Solving the 19th century Russo-British rivalry in Central Asia before war breaks out.
Security Council
Security Council


  • Attempting to find a peaceful solution to the Tigray War in Ethiopia.
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime


  • Adressing the problem of drug cartels in Colombia and Central America.
UN Environment Programme
UN Environment Programme


  • Aiding in preserving the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.
UN Women
UN Women


  • Tackling the abuse of women's rights in Afghanistan after the Fall of Kabul.
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)


  • Dealing with the economic and social consequences of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine affecting Ukraine and the World.