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André Malraux Model United Nations

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To our wonderful Delegates, Chairs, and Directors, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we welcome you to the 1rst edition of The André Malraux Model United Nations Conference in Rabat, Morocco from the 8th January to the 11th January 2018.

2016 and 2017 have introduced us to various new phenomenous such as fake news, alternative facts, and new faces of power. Yet, alongside the new, walks the ongoing issues of intolerance, refugee crises, conflicts, climate change….

In a world where Presidents back out of deals, news outlets are accused of bias, countries boycott each other and terrorism keeps changing its face, does globalisation and peaceful co-existence face a risk of becoming a thing of the past?

This year, with the theme of “New perspectives to a changing world” , AMMUN invites delegates from around the world to engage, discuss, and debate the most pressing issues of our times. It's time to step into the shoes of world leaders and put on our thinking hats.

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