AddiMUN 2017

Addictest Model United Nations

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Addictest is a SAT, counselling, college prep American centre in the heart of Rabat which merges education and extracurricular activities like Model UN, Speech and Debate, TED-Ed, and others for students joining their centre. AddiMUN isn’t any conference, it’s a conference which merges national and international students from all different types of educational systems whose experience starts from 0 to the 40s of conferences. This conference is also available for college and high school students from a minimum of 15-22 years old. AddiMUN will grant an instructive, diplomatic, culturally traditional and pleasurable experience to all its participants. Other than the conceptual activities all delegates will be enduring; cultural activities will be introduced to give them a glamorous taste of the Kingdom of Morocco. AddiMUN is a great futuristic experience because of the work hard input to it, including the amount of bodies and parties who have helped create this idea and finally execute it in a matter of half a year. The executive team has input much efforts in creating this conference, therefore their position stands supervisory and honourable! Apply as a delegate via this link:



International Court of Justice




Drugs and Crimes

Human Rights Council

Security Council